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Personalized holidays

Do you want to come to Cádiz but don’t know exactly where to start? Do you want to surprise your

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Walking tours

Intimate Cádiz: Houses and patios

When we visit cities, sometimes we forget to see and understand their most intimate part. We focus so much on seeing monuments and we don't realize that, to know a city, you have to living it. This tour will take you straigh to the heart of the city (...)

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  • 2h
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Atlantic Cádiz

A tour for your senses. You will see the blue ocean, you will smell its salt, you will touch the waves, you will hear its rumor and you will savor the local fishing. People who live in Cádiz have a very special relationship with the Atlantic Ocean and I would like you to feel the same. For this reason, Cádiz experiences has prepared an experience with which you can boast of being more from Cádiz than yesterday (...)

From 35.00€ /per person
  • 3h 30 min
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