Understand the local culture of Cádiz through ethical and different experiences!

It is not a history class, but rather a journey through it, which will make you part of the more than 3,000 years of life of the province and discover the reasons for our customs and ways of living, being an accomplice of it.

Pago seguro

Paga sin preocupaciones con tu tarjeta. Aquí cuidamos de tu seguridad mientras planeas tu experiencia en Cádiz.

Vacaciones personalizadas

Contacta conmigo y dime cuáles son tus intereses, tu presupuesto y los días que piensas venir. ¡Yo te preparo tus mejores vacaciones en Cádiz!

Te ayudo con tus dudas

¡Hablando se entiende la gente! Si tienes preguntas sobre alguno de los servicios que aparecen en la web, contacta conmigo.

Guía Oficial

Guía local acreditada por la Junta de Andalucía y Guía Europea acreditada por la ETOA.

The most sought after experiences

Cádiz experienceS apoya el comercio local, así como el arte, artistas y productos locales. Respaldamos la biodiversidad, la ecología y el comercio justo. Trabajamos con grupos pequeños y nos alejamos del turismo masivo.
¡Está en nuestra mano cuidar de nuestras ciudades de manera ética!

Hello! My name is Leticia, and I welcome you to Cadiz experiences.

I am the creator of this project and the person who will guide you both virtually and physically. But I am not alone, beside me there are magnificent people who make it possible for “Cadiz experiences” to take shape.

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How to get to Cádiz

By car

This is a very practical solution to be able to travel freely throughout the province and visit many towns in the area during your stay. It is possible to rent a car right at the airport.

By train

You can get to Cádiz in 75 minutes. You will have at your disposal the C-1 Cercanías line (Cádiz- Jerez Airport) and the medium-distance line Seville-Cádiz, which stops at the airport eight times a day.

Check the Renfe website here to see the schedules.

By bus

To get to Cádiz, you can take line M-050, M-051, M-052 or M-053, taking an hour and a quarter. As for rates, these may vary depending on the area, but in general this is the cheapest option.

Check the Spanish bus company’s website here for timetables.

By car

You can rent a car at the airport. In addition, it then allows you to move around the other towns in the province of Cádiz or even Seville by car.

By train

There is no direct connection from Seville airport. From Seville airport, take a means of transport (taxi, bus or shuttle) to reach the Seville-Santa Justa train station. Buy a train ticket to Cádiz. The journey usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, although the exact duration may vary depending on the type of train and time of day.

Check the Renfe website here to see the schedules.

By bus

You can take the EA bus (Especial Aeropuerto) that connects the airport with the Plaza de Armas bus station in the center of Seville. From there, you can find intercity bus services to Cádiz. Bus companies such as Comes or Socibus usually offer connections between Seville and Cádiz. Journey times and bus frequency may vary, so it’s a good idea to check updated schedules before your trip.

Check the Transportes Generales Comes website here for schedules.