The only place in the Iberian Peninsula where you could see the sunrise and sunset over the sea

Atardecer en el mar

Cádiz is the only city in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Islands where you can enjoy a sunrise and sunset over the Atlantic Ocean without leaving the city and without the need to use a car for it.

That is one of the advantages of the city being practically an island.

Dawn breaks over the Bay of Cádiz, and the Sun gradually illuminates the fishing boats and the two bridges that cross it. Walking at dawn along the avenue of the bay, so close to the sea, listening to the first birds and breathing the salt, make you feel at peace.

Sunset by the open ocean, by the beach. Orange, pink, violet or red colors stain the sea and the old town. You can see the sunset from the sand on the beach or from one of the castles and bastions of the walled city. Another moment of peace.

Two shows that the Sun gives us daily. Two moments to stop for a couple of minutes and watch the king of our solar system painting the day.

Do not miss it. Cádiz is always a show.

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