How do I book my tour?

Cómo reservo mi tour

Cádiz Experiences tours have fixed days and dates for you to book directly through the website.

It is very simple:

  • You choose the tour
  • You choose the dates and times available
  • You choose number of people and / or children
  • You click on book.
  • The page will automatically go to check that everything is correct. Once you accept it, it will give you the option to pay with Paypal. In the case of not having Paypal, do not worry. You can choose the option to pay by card (through Paypal). It is safe and has no extra charges for you.

If the date or time is not convenient for you, or if you want a closed tour with your family or friends, no problems!

Contact me through email: or any of my social networks. (Instagram / Facebook) and we look for what is best for you.

Talking is the way of understand each other, and the important thing is that you have a very nice time in Cádiz.

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