10 Things to do in Cádiz

Vista aérea de Cádiz

If you come to Cádiz, you can be the typical tourist or you can try mixing with the local people. There are options for everyone. All equally valid and in any case you will enjoy the city for sure.

But, just in case, if you want to experience the authentic day of a person “from Cádi, Cádi” (obviously, everything is not done in the same day), here is a list of things we do. If you do them all, you have earned the Gaditana / o ID Card.

1- Eating a paper cone of Pescaíto Frito (including a croquette)

More typical, impossible. The people of Cádiz go to the fryer and get a cornet of fried fish. Of course, the accompanying beer is highly compulsory.

The typical Cádiz cartridge is made up of: whitebait, marinated dogfish, cuttlefish, puntillitas, perhaps a shrimp and at least one croquette. Because in Cádiz, croquette is also fried fish.

2- Saying “I’m going for a walk” and appear at the end of the city

Photo: Eulogio García Romero

And, if you can, you stop at a beach bar to have something cold.

Because walks in the beach are like that. You have to enjoy them. The beautiful thing about the beaches of the city of Cádiz is that they are all united. And, of course, when you take a walk you do not know when to stop … if you don’t stop on time, you could get to the San Fernando salt works.

It must be understood that in every good Cadiz walk worth there will also be swimming, cans of beer and crisps, and possibly encounters and chatter of at least 30 minutes. What will make your “walk” a very complete beach morning.

3- Visit the Piojito

There is no better way to start the week than getting a good bargain from the piojito.

The Pijojito is a flea market next to the bay of Cádiz, full of various stalls where you can really find good products. The noise, the crowd, their cries of ” just one euro, just one euro! ” , the smiles and ingenuity of those who sell will undoubtedly make you have a good time.

And you will not know how but you will return with a bag full of socks at a very good price.

The piojito is placed on Avenida de la Bahía. And it opens from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Ubication here.

4- Stop and enjoy the sunset

On the beach

In a tower

From the promenade

In a rooftop

While you are having a drink in a beach bar

At the beach of La Caleta

From Punta de San Felipe

In the Castle Santa Catalina

Any place is good. What matters is to stop and enjoy it. The sunsets in Cádiz are a wonder and a different show every day. A treat for the eyes. A moment to breathe, where everything stops. A color palette that will hypnotize you. One of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

5- Having breakfast in “La guapa” o “el Bar Stop”

Kiosko de “la guapa”

Everything will depend on the area where you live or how much you got entangled the night before …

The bar Stop is located in the area of ​​Segunda Aguada and opens very early for early risers who have to go to work.

But of course, this also implies that if you close the disco at 6am, you can end up having churros for breakfast there. It was a classic in the 90’s-00 generation.

La guapa, is one of the oldest churrerías from Cádiz. And since the beginning of the 20th century, they sold churros in the square where the central market is also located. This kiosk opens at 8:30 am (except Sundays, the day of churros par excellence, which opens at 8:00 am) and they give you your paper cone of churros that you can eat in any of the bars next door, where you they will serve your chocolate or coffee.

6- Look for crabs when the tide is low (using jelly shoes)

Marea Baja en la playa Santa María

It is another time to forget about the world. When the tide is low, the rocks on the beach reappear and new possibilities open up for you. Suddenly you walk meters and meters until the water covers you, so swimming becomes “I’m going for a walk.”

The most common thing for the people of Cádiz is walking on the rocks and discover the fauna and flora. Crabs are, without a doubt, the most fun (please don’t hunt them, just enjoy their presence). Go back to your childhood feeling that you explore the caverns.

Be careful, the rocks are slippery! If you want to be a real local of Cádiz, use some jelly shoes. The perfect equipment for this type of adventure.

7- Eat a dobladillo in “la punta”

A mackerel sandwich. An original recipe by Manuel Antonio Rodriguez Orta. A classic from Cádiz gastronomy. A tapa necessary to get the Cádiz ID card.

The authentics are from Bar Manolo, at La punta de San Felipe: a few fillets of mackerel in oil, with a large slice of tomatoe from Conil and a spoon of mayonnaise. Everything between two slices of fresh and crispy bread. You will believe that you can also do the same. But that’s because you haven’t tried Manolo’s.

In addition, having them at la punta de San Felipe, which is the end of Cádiz, surrounded by the Atlantic and boats, and looking at the Village of El puerto de Santa María … and all under the sun and with a well-pulled beer … that’s the perfect tapa.

Why is it called dobladillo (Bended)? Because you have to bend when you are eating it, otherwise you will drop all the oil on top … or the mayonnaise … or the tomato …

8- Go to El Puerto de Santa María crossing the Bay (by boat)

And once you’re there, you go to Romerijo and eat as much as seafood you can.

Although El puerto de Santa María is a city to visit and enjoy, so make the most of the day if you are not planning to stay there.

And you will be going by sea, I mean it. There are cities that have a tram, ours has a catamaran that takes you to the other end of the bay in 30 minutes. A very complete day: boat trip, views of the bay, sea wind, sun and discover another city.

Get on the catamaran here: Terminal marítima metropolitana, Cádiz.

9- Going for a walk at paseo de Fernando Quiñones

And this is already a graduation with honours in Cádiz.

Located at one end of the Caleta beach, this walk is an artificial path built on a natural rock isthmus that begins iat the door of la Caleta and ends in an 18th century military castle It will remind you of the occasional colonial fortress.

It is an almost mandatory walk to anyone who feels they are from Cádiz.

10- Asking for a Papelón de chicharrones “especiales”

A Tapa of Cádiz by excellence. Delicious and tasty, especially with a touch of lemon. Chicharrones are a slow-cooked pork belly in lard and seasoned with spices. I know, it is not the best thing for cholesterol! But a treat when you are on holidays is a must! And learning to savor such this tapa from the province (born in Chiclana de la Frontera) is mandatory.

One of the taverns that still serving Chicharrones (and other tapas) in brown paper, like in the past, is Casa Manteca. Highly recommended to visit, although if you want to know where to find good tapas, come with me!

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