Musical videos to listen, see and feel Cádiz.

  • Ratito – Ojú Zapatones
  • A musical piece which was born from the love for the land. Where a group of artists from Cádiz gives voice and music to a poem by Ojú Zapatones, from Cádiz, who currently resides in Berlin. The voices: Desi Tey (The Agapornis) and Jaime Moreno (The Electric Alley). The instruments: Llibert Aguilar (Cello); Koe Casas (Piano); Adri Rodriguez, Rafa Camisón and Rafa Benitez on percussion; The guitars of Pablo Magallanes, Nando Perfumo and Javi Cabañas; Chano Moreno (Double Bass) and Fran Lozano (Accordion). The protagonist of the video is Rocío Segovia (The Girls of Cádiz) and the protagonist Dani Amoros.
  • Porompompero 2001 – Pepa Flores (Marisol)
  • Filmed in one of the electrical towers located in the area of ​​Puntales (at the beginning of the city of Cádiz), from where you can see the entire bay of Cádiz. Those towers are considered the best architecture of the 20th century. Built between 1955 and 1961 and known internationally as the Cádiz pylons. Pepa Flores leaves us with our mouths open with this video in the most Buñuel style.
  • El cacharrito de tomasa – David Palomar
  • A video where the essence of Cádiz is shown and a certain resemblance to Havana is breathed. Recorded between the beach of La Caleta and the quarter of La Viña, there is nothing more typical than this.
  • Walkerman – The Agapornis
  • The actor from Cádiz Miguel Torrejón repeats the leading role in this video of one of the most beloved Funk bands in the province of Cádiz. The characteristic voice of Desi Tey will hypnotize you and the catchy rhythm will make you dance while you fall in love with the corners of the city, such as the Plaza de las Flores, the central market, Ancha street and the Plaza San Antonio. Neuralgic areas of the old town.

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