Singers and bands originally from Cádiz

Banda tocando canción

In the province of Cádiz, enormous artists have been born who have been a national and Andalusian symbol:

  • Lola Flores, La Faraona, a whirlwind of colors, “don’t sing, don’t dance, don’t miss it”
  • Rocío Jurado, The biggest, “a hard stone of Chipiona”, Lady…
  • Camarón de la Isla, “With him the cante broke”
  • Paco de Lucía, the current flamenco guitar touch

Today I want to tell you about the music in Cádiz right now, about the fresh music that is being cooked in Cádiz or that was born here and that is currently doing European tours. The new generation of great artists from Cádiz:

1- Carmen Boza. Songwriter from La Linea de la Concepción, who has not lost her essence.

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2- The Electric Alley. Band born in Cádiz capital. Pure rock.

For more Rock, click here.

3- The Agapornis. The coolest Funk band in the province.

For more Funk, click here.

4- Müsgo. The riskiest musical bet.

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5- Gas Drummers. The funniest garage punk rock.

For more Punk Rock, click here.

6- La Mare. The rumba by the hands of this singer from Cádiz.

For more songs, click here.

7- Trashtucada. A mix of Punk, Reagge and Ska to non-stop jumping.

For more jumps, click here.

8- Estíbaliz. Pop that reminds us the 90s.

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9- Fosphoro. The perfect fusion between classic instruments and electronic.

For more news about them, click here.

10- Atavismo. The new hope of the Andalusian Rock.

For more Andalusian Rock, click here.

11- Detergente líquido. Tecno-pop-yeyé, perfect for a house party.

For more Pop, click here.

12- Cadipsonians. A blackguards Calypso sound which makes you dance.

For more Calypso, click here.

13- Mystic queen. Indie Pop very progressive.

For more Progression, click here.

14- Luismi Partera. A songwriter with a lot of thigs to share.

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This is just an example, I invite you to come to Cádiz and know more about it … and to dance!

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