Songs created during the confinement

Joven africana que cubre la cara

Cádiz is full of Artists with capital letters. Poets who make music and compose when the heart asks.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have been confined in our homes without seeing our loved ones. However, art does not understand confinements or pandemics. If anything, it is inspired by them.

During these months, authentic wonders of music have been created at the hands of artists from all parts of Spain and the world. I leave you the songs created at the hands of people from Cádiz.

1- Tres cosas hay en la vida, Jesús Bienvenido.

A pasodoble dedicated to “the resistance”, the people who have been working non-stop in Health during this pandemic. A union of voices singing the lyrics of this carnival artist.

2- Baile de máscaras, Javier Ruibal.

Of course, this songwriter from El Puerto de Santa María, makes us fall in love even with masks.

3- Cuando salga de esta casa, Riki Rivera.

A declaration of love to Cádiz. The one that was left so empty during the confinement and that so many people miss.

4- Valiente, Fosphoro.

The sexy voice of Laura B, will make you travel without leaving home. This group born in Jerez refreshes the music of the province.

And, finally, a union of artists from Cádiz promoted by Calde Ramirez and Antonio Pérez. A “remote” collective creation project that already has about 40 songs.

5- Coronavirus, Coronavirus interband ensemble.

Just wonderful. Listen and tell me what do you think about it.

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