Welcome to Cádiz Experiences


Hello! My name is Leticia, and I welcome you to Cadiz experiences.

I am the creator of this project and the person who will guide you both virtually and physically. But I am not alone, beside me there are magnificent people who make it possible for “Cadiz experiences” to take shape.

My story

I grew up in Cádiz and had the opportunity to know and enjoy the charms of this land. It was not until I had to leave to study and work elsewhere – both in Spain and abroad – when I became aware of how special and unique those corners were and how lucky I had living there.

My beginnings

After years living with people from different parts of the world, I understood the uniqueness of the history, culture, traditions and customs of Cádiz, that place in the south of the south.

I had the need to learn more about it, so I started to study again and share what I had learned with my friends, breaking with preconceived ideas and stereotypes about Spain in general and this province in particular.

Sharing my culture encouraged me to venture into tourism, but the massive way in which it is presented today did not fit with my values ​​and with the close and personal point of view that I wanted to give. So I started collaborating with a company that worked in tourism in a more familiar way, with small groups and in more select and less crowded places.

After this, the need to show my own country, province and city in a unique way, on a very small scale,  and with an authentic perspective was in me. Supporting the local business, the products of this land, its art, its artists, and its hidden beauty.

Cadiz experiences

Settled again in “the little silver cup” and on my own, I venture with this project, with the idea of ​​sharing the authenticity of Cádiz: the one that mass tourism is unable to transmit.

And with the commitment to take care of it and respect it, as if it were a part of me.

Thanks for coming!

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