The tradition of Tapas


If we think of Andalusia, it is inevitable to think of tapas. Furthermore, the fact that there is a verb like “Tapear” taken from the noun “tapa”, highlights the importance of this tradition and how internalized it is in our culture.

Maybe you wonder what it is. As a good devotee and practitioner of this tradition, I will tell you that it is a philosophy of life. It goes beyond simply eating or drinking something. It is socializing, enjoying your people. It is a meeting place, to share your stories and even the same dish. It is the perfect excuse to spend time with your people.

Do not confuse it with the aperitif, since it does not serve to open the appetite with an alcoholic drink before lunchtime. Tapas can even replace lunch or dinner. When a person from Andalusia says “Let’s go for tapas” they is saying “I want to see you and chat with you”. The intention is not to take something, it is to meet the people you love. It is spending minutes or hours interacting. The tapa appears to accompany that time.

The idea, too, is to make a route. It is changing bars. Whether to join other people, to see other faces or to discover other delicatesens. Going for tapas is not sitting down to eat. You may not even sit for hours. The idea is, as I already said, to socialize. And if you can have something to drink and eat, then better.

Although it is currently a widespread practice in almost all of Spain, it must be said that if you really want to understand this tradition, you have to come to the South, where in some areas you can even find free tapas with your drink.

It is in the South where this way of life was born. In fact, it is said that it was originated in Cádiz when King Alfonso XIII was here.

Do you fancy some tapas? Well come with me, you will not find a better guide than me, believe me.

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