Cádiz and the Surf

Surfing was born in Hawaii many years ago. The first document found was in the 16th century and reflected the ability of the Natives to glide through the waves, on wooden planks, to fish.

Songs created during the confinement

Cádiz is full of Artists with capital letters. Poets who make music and compose when the heart asks.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have been confined in our homes without seeing our loved ones. However, art does not understand confinements or pandemics. If anything, it is inspired by them.

Permanent exposition “Puppets of the world”

Cádiz, mother of one of the most beloved puppet in Spain “La Tía Norica” ​​has a puppet museum, from the collection acquired by the Cádiz City Council from Ismael Peña in 2008.

It consists of more than 500 elements, among which are around 350 international puppets. To rediscover your childish side and to recreate yourself in history and cultures.

Permanent exposition Juan Luis Vassallo

The sculptor from Cádiz who gave life to our protective Goddess Gades, lends his legacy of 150 works to us to enjoy. The artist’s family donated about 200 works to the city of Cádiz and now we can see them at Casa de Iberoamérica.

10 Things to do in Cádiz

If you come to Cádiz, you can be the typical tourist or you can try mixing with the local people. There are options for everyone. All equally valid and in any case you will enjoy the city for sure.

But, just in case, if you want to experience the authentic day of a person “from Cádi, Cádi” (obviously, everything is not done in the same day), here is a list of things we do. If you do them all, you have earned the Gaditana / o ID Card.